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SiteBuilder - Web Site Builder Software

SiteBuilder (on qualifying accounts) is a comprehensive web-based HTML construction set, allowing you to build and maintain your web site via a web browser. Little to no HTML knowledge is necessary to build your site from the templates provided. SiteBuilder includes both an "EasyPage WebBuilder," which allows you to easily create a web site in just a few minutes, as well as a "PowerPage WebBuilder," which gives you more flexibility in desiging your site. For more information on the features provided, check out the SiteBuilder Help Manual and SiteBuilder Administration Manual.

SiteBuilder can be installed as 1) Single-User, 2) Mutli-User or 3) Mutli-User with domain redirection (subhosting). Both multi-user plans include 10 additional POPs and 5GB/month traffic.

Single-User SiteBuilder (on qualifying accounts)

    The first step to creating an online presence is creating a web site. SiteBuilder software helps you to build, manage and edit your HTML web pages using nothing more than your favorite web browser.

    For beginners who have no background in web page creation or the desire to learn it, we suggest using the EasyPage WebBuilder. Using one of the numerous pre-defined templates, all you do is follow the easy step by step on-screen instructions, fill in the blanks and create your personal single page web site complete with text, graphics and hyperlinks within minutes.

    For more experienced users, who require numerous pages, have greater flexibility needs and want more control over the design and layout of each page, we suggest the robust PowerPage WebBuilder. The PowerPage Editor tool allows you to edit web pages created using either EasyPage or PowerPage.

    Key features include:

    • Select a style for your web site from numerous pre-defined template pages.
    • Choose from a variety of page layout options ranging from basic, personal and business to more advanced ones.
    • Build each page following the easy step by step on-screen instructions.
    • Add common elements across multiple pages by editing the Header and Footer template files.
    • Flexible editing capability for different sections of each page - add text and image links, select font, font size, style, color, alignment, background colors, table cell width, color and hypertext links and much more.
    • Links to delete and rename existing pages not created in SiteBuilder.
    • Add additional page templates.
    • Custom design your own page templates.
    • Choose from over 400 images to design your pages.
    • Automatically create "previous" and "next" page links.
    • Create multiple folders in your web site account to store your HTML pages and images.
    • Use the built-in File Upload function to upload pages and images to your web site.
    • Easily create an online contact or order page.
    • Easily add a Webboard and Guestbook to your web site.

Multi-User SiteBuilder (add-on feature)

    In addtion to the above, Multi-User SiteBuilder features:

    • Provides a powerful, value added service to increase your bottom line.
    • Activate automatic signup and password assignments to create your own Geocities-like web site service.
    • Earn extra profits by selling space in your domain.
    • Create your own page templates for your clients.
    • Easily create web-based forms.
    • Control web space per account or group of accounts.
    • Enable or disable cgi access for users as desired.
    • Block streaming files and downloadable files to control your traffic.
    • Advanced accounts provide full control to redirect additional domains to subdirectories.
    • All users will have access to over 400 web images.
    • Provide a Webboard and Guestbook to each of your customers.

    Flexible control over each account

      You can create an unlimited number of single user accounts with control over hard disk space allocated to each account. After generating an unique username and password for each customer using the Admin Utility, your customers can log into their individual SiteBuilder account and immediately build their own web pages. The Admin Utility will also allow you to run automated banner advertising programs on all your free website customers.

      Account login will be cookie and password managed.

    Create Web Communities

      By combining SiteBuilder with PlusRoamer II web-based e-mail, you can create the perfect foundation to offer an easy-to-use and powerful Web Community service.

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